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If you want to obtain a Green Card, there are many factors to consider and being you aren’t the only one applying, you need to be more cautious about how you go about it. Although Getting a green card is very possible, it usually takes a long time which comprises of a long planning period, knowing the processes as well as having enough patience to wait for it all as having a green card is a whole lot worth the wait and little bit of stress here and there. So, if you’ve been planning to get your green card for the longest of time, you don’t have to worry as here at global immigration service, we offer you a detailed guide on getting your green card.

We tell you the different ways you can apply for a green card, either an employment visa, marriage visa, etc. Because there are lots of methods used in obtaining a green card. We will carefully evaluate your reasons and papers to find which is most eligible for you and also help you with the filing process, interviews and other important aspects of getting a green card.

How we can help you with different modes of entry

Since there are different methods of getting a green card, here’s a light breakdown of each method.

Method one is usually the most common green card obtaining method. You would have to get a family member who is either a citizen or a permanent resident to sponsor your green card application. Qualifying for this, you must have a type of relationship with the petitioner. Here at global immigration visa services, we let you know how eligible you are to qualify through this process.

Method 2 is getting a green card through a job. You would, however, require to be invited by your place of employment. There are different professions, and each has an advantage or a method of applying over another. In some cases, you can apply for the visa to work yourself, our professionals would let you know just which the best mode of application for you is.

Method 3 is applying as a refugee and asylum. This method of obtaining a green card as asylum is used to obtain a Green Card for people under threat in Their country of origin and need to leave for important reasons such as saving their lives. We let you know if you are eligible to apply and how to go about the process

Method 4 is an application through the diversity visa lottery program. This happens every year, in this lottery program, they randomly select applicants in the lottery to get approved for a green card. Here, our professionals make sure you know when the lottery is going on and how to apply for it step by step. Our immigration experts are well trained, and we can guarantee your entrance into this lottery program.


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