All About Green Card Marriage Divorce

There are three categories under which a person can get a green card. One of these categories is the family-based category, under which marriage can be found. If you got your green card by marriage to a United States resident, getting a divorce might get you worried. For this reason, Green Card Organization brings you all there is to know about the green card marriage divorce and everything in between.

There is no part of the U.S laws which says after a divorce, you will be deported or that you lose your chances of getting a permanent residence in the United States. However, if the USCIS gets information on your divorce, they might review your case.

  • Getting a divorce after approval for permanent residence

When it comes to green card marriage divorce, your application method plays a huge role. If your application for a U.S green card was successful and has been approved, then the USCIS will have no reason to review your application. Note though that this only applies to permanent residents and not conditional residents. If the USCIS is giving your case a second look after a divorce, contact Greencardorganization to help you with the paperwork.

  • Getting a divorce after approval for conditional residence

Not every couple who applies for a green card gets a permanent residence. With green card marriage divorce, sometimes the immigrating party gets a conditional residence. This is a two-year green card spouse with marriages less than 2 years get. In this situation, if you get divorced before the two years end, you might have some problems with USCIS the next time your case is reviewed. This is because the next time the USCIS reviews your case, you will be required to fill out the Form I-751 which is to be signed by both partners. This petition shows that your marriage is still intact. However, after a divorce, the immigrant will have to submit this petition on his/her own. This could get tricky because you will need to prove to USCIS that the marriage was genuine while it lasted and not a plot to get you into the United States. Greencardorganization can help you out with this process.

In the green card marriage divorce situation, when you apply for a United States Citizenship, USCIS will give your immigration file another review and this includes your marriage information. If they are certain the marriage which got you a green card what a sham, you will be either be denied citizenship or be deported.


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All About Green Card Marriage Divorce

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