Things to avoid when applying for USA Green Card lottery

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Since the inception of the green card in 1990, there has been worldwide anticipation whenever the annual draws take place. This program has resulted in thousands of people settling down permanently in the United States of America. The US green card lottery has definitely been helped by some factors such as the USA green card […]

Green Card Renewal Form

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Your Green Card serves as an evidence that you are a permanent resident of the US. It is an important document to be kept valid at all time. Your green card is valid for 10 years after which you need to obtain a Green Card renewal form, I-90 to renew and validate your residency. Once […]

Green Card Renewal Application

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Your Green Card is one of the important documents that must remain valid at all time. You are required to renew your Green Card every 10 years. You should begin your green card renewal application process 6 months before the date of expiration to prevent any form of delay. This will also save you from […]