Coping with your green card and divorce

There is simply no time in our lives when the rigors of divorce would seem inviting. In fact, divorce is usually regarded as the last resort in a toxic marriage. While we would never want that in our lives, we might be forced to deal with it if it happens. It can be additional stress than to think about your green card security and how it would be affected by divorce. Green card and divorce can have some connections and the connections can sometimes be disastrous.

This would especially be true if you are still on your conditional green cards. A conditional green card is the type of green card which would be most affected in a green card and divorce saga. It is usually given to a person or spouse who just recently moved to the US to live with their spouse who is no doubt a green card holder. With this in mind, a conditional green card would last for only two years. Therefore the conditional green card and divorce would surely not go well with each other.

The reason for this can be found in the aim of a conditional green card. It is usually given to make sure that a couple is truly married. During the two years when it is valid, the marriage is viewed as under watch in order to make sure that the marriage is really real. A break up in relations, therefore, would have a negative effect on your conditional green card. You would have to prove to the USCIS officials that the reason for your green card and divorce status are real and very viable. Therefore, minor reasons for a marriage failure would most likely be thrown out of the window.

It is important to note that the green card and divorce situation would take an entirely different turn if you already have a permanent green card. You would be able to cope effectively with your divorce. However, you would have to file an application for a new green card to be given to you. There are also other provisions for change of name. To make this possible, you would have to provide some sort of documents as to the new name which you wish to take. The new name would be in most cases your maiden name. This would help in making sure that your time during your divorce is less stressful.

The process of getting a green card replaced during the divorce period can prove to be quite stressful, to say the least. While it is possible for an individual to perform all the processes by yourself, the possibility of making a mistake would so much higher than when a professional handle it.

We are always ready to keep a helping hand to all our clients. Whether you need advice from experts or you need to file your things, we would always look for ways to make sure that your application is a success. So make sure you contact us if you have any issues.


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Coping with your green card and divorce

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