Green Card Citizenship Eligibility

On a grander scale, we know that one of the advantages of having a green card is the privilege you have to work and stay permanently in the United States of America.  This is the one path an immigrant can take if he/she wants to become a naturalized citizen of the United States. Green Card Citizenship Eligibility involves more than just applying for citizenship. It involves knowing if you are qualified to apply for citizenship.

Qualification for a green card citizenship

There are numerous ways to petition the United States citizenship and immigration service to know if you are eligible for green card citizenship. The following are some of the available avenues to consider

  1. Family-based

Among the factors to be considered for a green card citizenship eligibility, is the family based factor. If you are a relative of a citizen of the United States, it is possible for your relative to petition the government in your behalf. This will help you secure a green card. The definition of a relative entails a bother or sister, a United States citizens spouse, stepparent, parent, harried children etc.

  1. Based on Employment

Green Card Citizenship Eligibility must also involve employment status. The  United States of America citizenship and immigration service has created a nice ranking preference method which is commonly based in certain features of an individual planning to come to the US for a job function.

The first privilege employment preference is given to outstanding researchers and educators, individuals with useful abilities etc. Anybody who falls under these categories might be lucky enough tonne among the eligible citizens for a green card.

  1. Adoption

Any children or children below the age of 16 can be adopted by United States citizens.

  1. Asylum or refuge

Time and unforeseen occurrences may arise and this most times leaves countries in the pool working shape and condition. There are numerous war form countries all over the world and the US normally give entry to people who are faced with such demeaning challenges. Note that economic condition may not give room for green card citizenship eligibility. Under no circumstances will it ever be considered.

Before a person is given entry into the United States as an asylum seeker or as a refugee, the United States must carry out all investigations and know that the group of persons cannot return to their country due to the problems happening there. Asylum and refugee seekers can within a year, be granted green card citizenship eligibility only after they have been cleared off by the US government.

  1. Potential investors

Green card citizenship eligibility covers potential investor’s and foreign entrepreneur who must have met certain investment threshold. Know that your investment must primarily be to the benefit of the United States and no other place.

Green Card Citizenship eligibility may not be as difficult as it may sound. If you are having some little confusion you can contact our company as we provide the best service which includes educating people on qualifications of green card citizenship.


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Green Card Citizenship Eligibility

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