Green Card Renewal Processing Time

Having an expired green card that needs renewal is really one burden most persons do not want to face, but the truth is, you will just have to go through the process and wait for the time it’s going to take you to get a renewal. Green card renewal processing time depends on some factors, but there is a general estimated time for renewal, the factors that determine the green card renewal process time are:

  • Filing properly the form I-90 without errors and omissions so you won’t be called back to repeat the process.
  • The office you filed your request to.
  • The workload that is been handled by the office you filed your request to.

In these three factors, the only one you actually have control over is filing the form I-90 properly, the rest is on the side of the USCIS. This means green card renewal processing might take exactly the same time if everyone files their form I-90 correctly. Here are the following steps and approximated green card renewal processing time.

Form I-797C Notice

After filling properly your form I-90, Application for replacement of Permanent Resident Card, you will get a confirmation letter which is the form I-797C Notice of Action. This notice comes only when your form is properly filed and it takes approximately one to three weeks.

Notice for biometrics

This notice comes approximately four to six weeks after filling. The notice comes with information on your time, date and location of biometrics. The biometrics is usually done in an application support center closest to you.

Biometrics appointment

The biometrics appointment is the very date given for you to come and do your biometrics, it is usually fixed approximately five to eight weeks after filling. This process will not take more than 30 minutes, what is required is just your fingerprints, signature and a photograph, other documents required will be communicated in your appointment notice.

Collection of Replaced green card

After completing the application process without any errors, you are set to get your green card replaced, this is going to take approximately eight to ten months before your green card will be mailed to you.

Generally, if there are no errors and everything is properly done, the green card renewal processing time will take an approximated ten to twelve months before one gets a replacement.

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