How to Get Green Card in US

The United States Green Card is a step closer to becoming a United States Citizen, and most persons want to have a green card. There are three different ways one can acquire the green card, so if you really want the green card you can follow the best way that suits you. The three ways of how to get a green card in the US is through your family, through your employer and being a refugee.

Green card by family

If you have a close relative that is a United States Citizen or a green card holder, you can also apply for a green card, but before this works, the United States Citizen must establish the relationship legally by using the USCIS Form I-130 and this application is to be followed by Form I-485 Adjustment of  Status, the two applications can be done together. If your relative does not reside in the United States application will be approved by the United States Department of State.

By being a refugee

Those that migrated into the United States as refugees and have stayed up to a year are allowed to apply for the green card. Refugees have their own requirements to meet, the I-140 and I-130 are filled by refugees so long they meet the requirements, family members of refugees and those that were given asylum can also file for a green card. Those that seek asylum do not file for the green card

Through your job

One can acquire a green card through their employer, not just through an employer but also through investment, having a special skill or a specialized job. If you have got a permanent employment in the United States then your employer can be a part of your green card process. Where your employer comes in is that he will have to get a labor certification from the Department of State, then file the USCIS form I-140 immigrant Petition for an alien worker.

The Green card can also be gotten if you fall under the special job category, like those translating in United States embassies.

Another way of getting a green card under this category is by having special abilities, like an athlete or a Nobel prize winner.

These are the three ways on how to get a green card in the US and anyone can be used based on the category you fit in.


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How to Get Green Card in US