Immigration to the United States

Foreign citizens who wish to live permanently in the US must obtain an immigrant visa firstly. This immigration visa would help to stay lawfully as a permanent residence before then seeking citizenship. The United States has the largest number of immigrants in the world, recording 47 million in the year 2015.

Many people consider immigration to the United States as a start to a better life and of course, chase the American dream.

Immigration to the United States may not be easy but neither is it difficult.  But then, it could be worth it in the end. You must note, to apply for a green card, you should have a sponsor. Your sponsor must be a US citizen too.


So, what are the immigration processes for immigration to the United States?

Immigration processes would include the following. (note, there are more details than listed below as this is just a quick summary)

  • Firstly, your sponsor must submit a petition which must be approved by the USCIS. Remember, to get an immigrant Visa, you must first get a sponsor from a relative who is a US citizen. Your relative can file a petition for Spouse, Son or daughter, Parent, Brother or sister. After having the petition approved by USCIS, then you can start the processes to get an immigration Visa.
  • Your Petitions (Forms I-140and Forms I-130) that have been approved by USCIS are then forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC) at the Department of State for pre-processing. After that, you begin your Consular Electronic application center processing. It’s a more secure and easier way of processing. You need to then pay your fees, complete the online visa application form, and upload required documents that have been scanned and saved to your computer.
  • You have to collect and submit your forms to the NVC such as your visa application Form, then your required financial documents and other supporting documents
  • After all these processes, you should prepare yourself for an interview. And when it’s time, you must attend the interview with the people Immigrating with you whose names appear in the interview letter given to you buy NVC. When going for the interview, be sure to bring all original forms and required documents that would be communicated to you.
  • After the interview, the U.S. Embassy or Consular officer will inform you if you have been granted Visa or not. And if you were denied, the reason would be communicated to you.


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