Requirements to Apply For Green Card

For an immigrant looking for a path to become a full-fledged citizen of the United States, a very pertinent document to that immigrant is the U.S permanent resident card or green card. The U.S green card is the first step in a long and grueling process to becoming a U.S citizen. And as such, its importance cannot be underemphasized. However, with the high pertinence attached to the green card, you would think people will have more idea on how to acquire the green card. To this, we are all quite aware that the first step in such a situation would be to apply. That, of course, is no different here, as the first step in getting the green card, is applying for the green card. However, it is with regard to applying for the green card that this article exists, as there are certain requirements to be met before and when applying for a U.S green card. To this, highlighted below are the major requirements to be met when applying for a green card.

Eligibility as a Requirement.

Before and during the process of applying for a green card, major criteria to be dealt with is the issue of the applicant’s eligibility. With that being said, the issue of eligibility to get a green card is based on several categories. In order to be eligible, the applicant must fit into one of the given categories. Also, it is through these categories that the applicant will be able to apply for the U.S green card. Hence, when thinking about applying for a green card, you should consider if fall into one of these categories:

  • You have a family relative who is a U.S citizen
  • You are a long term resident of the United States
  • You are a very skilled worker
  • You are a refugee

The above-stated categories are the requirements given to be fulfilled before you can get a green card. Fortunately, you don’t have to fulfill all the requirements, rather, it is acceptable to simply fit into one of the categories in order to apply for a green card. However, for the purpose of having better chances in your application, it is pertinent to proper you understand how the categories work.

  • For the requirement of having an immediate relative who is a U.S citizen; certain priorities are given to immediate relatives of U.S citizens and such priorities extend also to immigration. To this, where you are an immediate relative of an American citizen, you are eligible to apply for a green card. As your immediate relative who is a U.S citizen can petition for a green card for you.
  • For long term U.S residents; where you have been an illegal resident in the united states for a very long term, you are eligible to apply for a green card. Also, long term in this regard is a period of 10 years.
  • For refugees; if you meet the requirement of a refugee and you’ve been granted asylum in the U.S, you can apply for a green card a year after your initial entry into the United States.

In conclusion, following the aforementioned categories and details, it is clear to see that the one major requirements for getting a green card, can be summed up to your eligibility. So, when you determine your eligibility, you have basically met the basic requirement. However, there are some extra factors like age and conduct that should be taken into consideration. To this, it is advised you utilize a company like this.


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Requirements to Apply For Green Card

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