Ways of Obtaining US Citizenship

Living in the US has turned out to be the desire of many individuals. The rate of immigration from several parts of the world to the US has escalated over the past few years. However, the process of obtaining US Citizenship has not been an easy one. Getting a US Citizenship simply means that you are now a legal member for that particular country. This, however, gives you all the right and benefits the US offers. People with US Citizenship tend to have a wider range of opportunities in the case of employment more than immigrants with no US Citizenship.

There are so many ways by which an individual can qualify for US Citizenship. They are:

Citizenship by naturalization

Citizenship by naturalization is one of the many ways most immigrants are obtaining US Citizenship. Certain immigrants are allowed to apply for US Citizenship if they had a green card for 3-5 years and have physically lived in the United States. However, if you have been married to aS Citizens and have lived physically in the US with your spouse, you are also entitled to be awarded the US Citizenship.

 Citizenship by birth.

Citizenship by birth is also another means of obtaining US Citizenship. The United States has a law that anyone born in the United States Is automatically a citizen of the country for 80 years. Most individuals prefer to give birth to their children in the United States in order to obtain these privileges. On the other hand, you can also become a citizen by having one or both of your parents are US Citizens even if you were not born there.

The United States has always welcomed immigrants from all over the world over the years. However, most of the time, individuals are drawn back from applying for US Citizenship because of the cost of the application when compared to other countries. The costs can be usually high and it is said to be a long and rigorous process but the after rewards of being a US Citizen is very exciting.


US Citizenship is very important, and it is a very key document to possess to have full rights to the benefits of the country after spending a lot of years in the United States. It is advised that every immigrant coming into the US must try their very best to opt for US Citizenship especially if they have contributed a lot of effort and their time working and generating revenue for the US government.

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