What Is a Green Card? And How Does It Benefit the Citizens?

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In the United States, a green card is one of the most important documents every individual, especially those immigrants are supposed to have in order to adequately live, work and reside in the US. The green card, which is also known as the Permanent Residency Card, is a document that is very necessary to possess especially if you want to apply for a US Citizenship. Green card holders are eligible to apply if they have been residents in the US for a minimum number of 5 years. This green card, however, shows that you are a Permanent Resident of the US and if you have lived for these number of years, you will be eligible for Citizenship.

The Green Card system was established during the second world war in order to respond to the increasing level of illegal migration to the United States. The law required that to live and work in the US, you must have the required Permanent Residency Card, which was known as the Alien card in the mid-40s. The Alien cards issued then were very green in color.  That is why they now refer to it as the Green Card today.

Obtaining a green card is not an entirely difficult process, however, you can obtain a green card from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service through a normal application process or you can get it through a Diversity Visa lottery in your country. Getting a green card is one of the desires of many immigrants because, without this, you will be regarded as an illegal Citizen and an illegal worker in the United States. That is why the US Citizenship and Immigration Service put in a lot of effort to ensure that every immigrant in the US has their green card to legalize their stay.

It is widely known that with a green card in your pocket, your American dreams are bound to come through because it ensures total freedom in the US as long as you are law abiding and you respect constituted authorities.



Having a green card is a priority for those that what to live and work or start a business in the United States. The Green Card ensures your safety, security and legal protection as an immigrant in the United States of America. For those planning to migrate to the US, you have to make adequate plans to secure your green card from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Immediately.