What you need to know about a green card renewal form

A Green Card no doubt is an essential requirement for an individual to live in a particular country. This has long been a way in which countries monitor the influx into their countries end stamp on illegal immigrants. The law, in fact, makes it a requirement that anyone above 18 should always have the Green Card for identification at all times. If you fail to keep this law you could incur a fine of about $100 and worse yet a jail sentence of 30 days. But sometimes you may wonder. What is a green card renewal form and what situations warrant that I feel this form? This guide is designed to help you see that.

What is a green card renewal form?

The green card renewal form is popularly called the I-90 application which is usually made easily online. Many agencies in various countries such as the USCIS, are always ready to assist you with your application form and provide you with what you need to file your green card renewal form. Still, you are able to currently manage and fill the green card renewal form from anywhere online.

It is important to note that you can’t fill the Green Card Renewal Form when you enter the 90 days of the expiration of your Green Card.

Reasons for filling the Green Card renewal form

  • You may be required to fill the Green Card Renewal form( form I-90) if after you have been issued a Green Card, you did not receive it.
  • If your green card is also currently stolen or lost, you may need to fill the green card renewal form as well.
  • You would also need to fill a green card registration form if you have undergone a name change and you have updated legally some information of your Green Card and you want to I form agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security in America.

You will also need to file the Green Card Renewal form if

  • You have been granted permanent residence in the country
  • Allowed to live in another country but come to work in another country live in another country.
  • The present Green Card would soon expire within six months.

To fill the Green Card renewal form, you would need to pay about $455. Since you would have to carry out biometrics,  a further $85 is collected as a fee. Even if the application is denied you most times don’t get your money back and the agency works hard to correct this situation.

We hope this article was helpful. Renew your green card in style.


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What you need to know about a green card renewal form

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